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At AET, the following are some of the benefits provided by our firm to our employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity

AET is committed to an equal employment opportunity policy to all its consultants irrespective of race, color, religion, age and ethnic background, in all its operations and employment practices.

Insurance Coverage

AET provides both group insurance as well as individual coverage insurance to its employees. AET is concerned about the welfare of you and your family. We offer you the convenience of group insurance, and the flexibility of selecting only the coverage you need.
Premiums are based on the coverage you select and are paid through payroll deductions with pre-tax dollars. As you pay your share of health insurance on a pre-tax basis, your net pay increases. 
We provide you and your family with Group Health Coverage that includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance.
With insurance from the best Insurance carrier, you will have Nationwide Providers, and added to it, are the Prescription Plan and Lab Plan. 

Training Facilities

In this age of rapid technological advancement, it is imperative that our consultants stay at the leading edge. This is what makes the consultant's life challenging, interesting and more marketable. We at AET are committed to this philosophy. We promise to provide all possible kinds of opportunities to enhance your existing skills or build new ones.
All the consultants are eligible to take suitable training to advance their skill sets. While certain courses are offered in house, consultants can also select the courses offered by other reputed organizations.


Relocation Assistance is provided, if your assignment requires you to re-locate from your current place of residence.

Normally AET takes care to see that you are not often moved from the place of your residence. But sometimes, as we all know it becomes inevitable depending on the Client's requirements. Then AET provides you with all relocation assistance subject to a maximum of $3,000/. However this maximum amount depends on the place where you are posted. We take every possible effort to see that you spend minimum/nothing for such relocation.

At AET, Inc. A good 401(k) employee savings plan is provided which will benefit our consultants to reduce their taxes. 

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